The Detroit Caesars were a professional softball team that began play in the American Professional Slow Pitch Softball League (APSPL) in 1977, the first of three professional softball leagues.  The Caesars won the championship in both 1977 and 1978 establishing a new level of play in professional softball while featuring some of the all-time legends of the game.

The Caesars played at Memorial Field in East Detroit, and were owned by Little Caesars pizza baron Mike Ilitch. With clever promotions tied in with the pizza chain and the signing of former Detroit Tigers stars, Jim Northrup, Mickey Stanley and Norm Cash, fans packed into the small stands by the thousands to witness not only Detroit's best softball players, but those that Ilitch had brought to town to make his team into the powerhouse of professional softball. Mike Nye, Ronnie Ford, Bert Smith, Tex Collins and many other softball legends took to the field for Detroit, led by manager Gary Vitto, earning the team a place in history. 
1977 APSPL champion Detroit Caesars
Ron Ford